Our Services

SteadyPath Limited Partnership is providing translation and interpreting services for the following language pairs: Thai, English | Thai, Chinese | Thai, German.

Document translation:
Our fee schedule for document translation effective from May 1, 2015, are as follows:
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  • We reserve the right to quote service fee either by “Word” or “Page” that we have considered being more appropriate.
  • Fees are in Thai Baht.
  • Standard service means 72 hrs working period for the maximum of 2,000 words or 5 pages.
  • For Thai – Chinese, Thai – German please submit your inquiry for the quote and check our translators’ availability.

Audio and Video Transcription: Please contact us for the quote.

On-site interpretation service (consecutive and escort): This service is available for Bangkok and the surroundings for other locations, please check our availability. The fee is starting from USD 100 per day (maximum of 6 hours). The client is responsible for transportation. Please reserve our service at least 72 hours in advance.

Please submit your inquiry to info@steadypath.net